Career Profile

A Full-Stack Developer with high passionate in studying and applying new technologies in product development and enterprise area. Strong background in multiple platforms as web-app, mobile-app and server-app. Can work independently or in a team (prefer working in a team which allows continuous sharing and communicating). Solution Architect is always my goal. Use English confidently.

Skills & Proficiency

Reactjs & React-native

Nodejs & Loopbackjs

Blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric & Sawtooth

Docker & Kubernetes

Management: Git & Jira

MariaDB, MongoDB & Redis

Python & Django

Go lang

Kafka & Spark

CI/CD: Sonarqube, Jenkins, Fastlane & Crashlytics Fabric

ELK (Elasticsearch-LogStash-Kibana) & Cassandra

Machine Learning & Big Data

Amazon Web Services & Architect


Fullstack Developer

Jan 2017 - Present

Fullstack Engineer - AgileTech: Build and optimize React/React-native starter-kits. Research blockchain technology as well as develope application using Fabric Hyperledger. Improve and develope Fabric in Kubernetes cluster. Write operations of Sawtooth Hyperledger and benchmark to see their practical performance.


April 2017 - Dec 2017

Build Novame - a startup in America, SenHong - a system of maid services and management and Clingme Merchant - a USD 4-million startup in Vietnam.


Jan 2017 - March 2017
Quant Edge JSC

Build a governmental management apps consisting of web-app and mobile-app, called Basin Management which belongs to Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Exchange Student

Jun 2016 - Aug 2016
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Research in Embedded Technology: Parallel Processing with Parallella boards.


May 2014 - Aug 2014
BRAVO Corporation

Part-time App Developer: Work as an intern student due to the programme in my uni-versity. Study about SQL transaction optimization in enterprises and built an application which analyses datas from a USB 3G.


My mini-projects:

Myclothes - A social network application for creating, sharing and purchasing clothes on mobile.
ReactNativeStarterKits - A starter kit for React Native that aims at high performance to deliver buttery-smooth UI.
Picuni - A social network website for sharing images.
Dota2 Prediction - A predicting application for DotA 2, a MMORPG/MOBA game by Valve, competitive games.
Fabric and k8s - Devops Hyperledger Fabric with Kubernetes.
Sawtooth and k8s - Devops Hyperledger Sawtooth with Kubernetes.


Interested in participating in competitions.

1st Prize, best product