Career Profile

I'm 30 years old Technical Manager of Agiletech Viet Nam and senior developer from the cozy street of Ha Noi. I have more than 7 years of work experience in various positions. I love coding, music and swimming, football. My visionary believed that teamwork is essential to delivering great software.
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Skills & Proficiency

Oracle Database

MySQL Database


React & React Native

Javascript & jQuery



Sketch & Photoshop

Linux & Unix


Founder & Technical Manager

2017 - Present
Agiletech Viet Nam

Project leader, Technical manager: React Native


2013/09 - 2017/08
CGV Vietnam

PHP web programming with various framework such as CakePHP, Mobile app

Project Manager

2012/02 - 2013/05

Java core, game server

Java Developer

2011/05 - 2012/01

Java core, game server


Opensource projects

CakePHP Skeleton - Complete web Skeleton, easy to dev. Build fast, grow solid
React Native Starter Kits - A starter kit for React Native that aims at high performance to deliver buttery-smooth UI.
React Native Search Box - A simple search box with animation, inspired from ios search bar. Lightweight, fast, flexible.
Google Recapcha V2 - CakePHP 3.2+ Easy to integrate google recaptcha v2 to your project.
Advance Authenticate - Advance Authenticate for CakePHP 3.x to Prevent Brute Force Attack, Remember login
Baokim payment gateway - CakePHP 3.x BaoKim payment gateway plugin


Some publications of me.